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Follow these simple 8 steps to measure your roller blind



Metal tape measure 

Measuring Blinds


inside or outside

Decide if you want the blind to fit "inside" or "outside" the window. Scan the window and check that no handles or objects will interfere with the operation of the blind. Generally blinds are fitted inside the recess, unless there is not enough room. The depth required within the frame for rollers is a minimum of 60mm

Roller blind inside vs outside mounted


back or front roll

Decide if you want the fabric to roll over the front of the tube or over the back (most common is over the back)

Back or front roller blind


Inside blind measurement

For inside fit measure width first then drop (height). Measurements must be exact so take measurement in three places for the width (top, middle and bottom) and where there is a difference use the smallest measurement. Use two measurements for the height (one at each end) and where there is a difference use the smallest measurement

Inside window blinds


outside blind measurement

For outside fit measure from the outside edge of the frame on the left to the outside frame on the right. The size you provide us will be the widest part of the blind 

Outside window blinds



Choose your chain control side. Usually the most convenient side to get to

Control side for blinds


control chain colour

Chain colour

Beige/Black/Grey/White/Nickle Plated

Roller chain options


control unit colour

Control unit colour


Roller control unit colours
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